I just added two new IIIF manifests for witnesses of Sentences commentaries to the SCTA Image Viewer made available through UPenn’s OPenn project and, of course, IIIF.

First, there is codex 1147 which contains Book 3 of Lombard’s Sentences commentary. Visit http://mirador.scta.info and search for “1147”, “Lombard” or “Philadelphia” and you’ll be sure to find it.

Now you can see this UPenn manuscript side by side a witness of the same text in the BnF, ms. lat. 15705.

Just paste these manifest links into any IIIF viewer and view the texts:

  • http://scta.info/iiif/pl-penn1147/manifest
  • http://scta.info/iiif/pl-bnf15705/manifest

I also added a manifest for an anonymous fragment of a Sentences commentary, UPenn codex 727, IIIF manifest:

  • http://scta.info/iiif/anon1-penn727/manifest

On my count, these are the 38 and 39th witnesses in the viewer. Woohoo!!!