Jeffrey C. Witt

Profile PictureGreetings. Welcome to my professional page. My name is Jeffrey Witt . I am a specialist in high- and late-medieval philosophy and theology. My present work focuses on the fourteenth century, but I am also interested in the impact of Scholasticism on the Renaissance, the Reformation, and early modern philosophy. My most recent monograph is Robert Holcot in the Great Medieval Thinkers Series (Oxford University Press, 2016).

I also have a growing interest in the digital humanities and the process of moving philosophical texts from their original manuscript form to media more accessible to the community of scholars. Please see my ongoing development of the Scholastic Commentaries and Texts Archive, the LombardPress Publication Project, and an example of this kind of publication at

I attended Wheaton College, Illinois as an undergraduate. I then went to Boston College for my graduate work. There I wrote my dissertation, Between Faith and Science: Gregory of Rimini on theological knowledge in his fourteenth-century context (2012). I am now an associate professor in philosophy at Loyola University Maryland.